Hello world!

July 18, 2012

Ha, the default first blog post generated by WordPress, the title seemed kind of fitting given the nature of this blog so I figure I’ll leave it. We’re gonna have a few “Hello World!” type examples so why not start here?

If you want to actually know what this is all about you can go to the about page.


In short this is mainly an online tutorial complete with full source code, project files and other resources, to develop a geo-tagging android app that will allow you to tag locations and save them to a remote database to be later retrieved and used to build a Google maps map of tagged locations.

Not only will I be providing the means to develop the application I will be attempting to introduce some good development practices (unit testing, source control etc).

I will also be throwing in some random thoughts and the occasional rant about the software development process.

To get started on the app tutorial go here.


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