Simon Dass


Personal Profile

Masters level qualified Software Developer with a broad background in Mechanical, Electronic, Design and Software engineering.

8 years commercial software development experience in various languages/platforms.

Primarily interested in gaining experience within an organisation with a focus on the role of methodologies centred around improving software quality throughout the software life cycle.

Key Engineering Skills


  • Computer system architectures.

  • Embedded software development.

  • Behavioural design using VHDL.

  • Intelligent and adaptive systems.

  • VLSI circuit design.

  • Computer communications and networks.

  • Control System Design:

  • System identification and modelling, MATLAB, simulink.

  • Classical control theory (Laplace, transfer functions).

  • Non-linear systems.

  • Digital control.

  • Non-classical control (fuzzy systems, neural networks, adaptive systems).



  • I have a thorough understanding of the concepts of object-oriented programming and can capably implement this in terms of design (UML) and in software.

  • A very good understanding of GUI event driven programming, multithreaded programming and interrupt driven programming.

  • An in depth understanding of low level program operation, development and debugging (use of registers, stacks, compiler conventions) and linking high level and assembly level code.

  • An excellent knowledge of the software lifecycle and various software development models and methodologies.

  • A thorough knowledge of design patterns.

Programming languages:

  • High level of experience of C, C++, C# and Java using various Windows and UNIX development environments and command line tools.

  • Experience with Pascal, BASIC and assembly level programming.

  • Working knowledge of SQL..

  • Good knowledge various scripting languages; Python, Tcl, Bash.

Operating Systems:

  • Excellent working knowledge of Windows and GNU/Linux.

  • Experience with UNIX, Solaris, MacOS and embedded real time Oss.

Employment History

Software Developer Altcom Ltd, Cornwall, 2011 Current

Application development in Java working on a Seismic Data Processing package; designing, testing, debugging and documenting new tools and features as well as working on existing code.

Other duties include managing the source versioning control system (Mercurial) and the issue tracking systems (Jira).

Since joining the company I have successfully introduced Jira to the whole team where previously there was no issue tracking system in place. I have introduced new procedures for managing source control and introduced links between the systems giving full line of sight from client requirements and issues through to source code commits and product builds. This allows anyone on the team to quickly and easily navigate the source code and relate code changes to issues, making the process of managing change considerably easier to deal with. This also allows management to get a clear oversight of any activities taking place at any particular time.

I have developed from scratch a new software product for viewing and processing Seismic data waveforms.

Software Developer T-Plan Ltd, Cornwall, 2006-2011

I was Initially taken on for a 6 month Unlocking Cornish Potential project, to update the T-Plan product set to be compatible with modern operating systems and development environments (Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005). This mainly involved the debugging and modifying of C++ COM servers and the replacement of deprecated code. This required very quickly getting to grips with a very large code base of mature code.

Following this I was involved in the development of a new commercial product the ‘T-Plan Integrator’ which integrates a number of Engineering Requirements Management and Product Lifecycle Management tools with each other and the core T-Plan Test Management product.

I was heavily involved in all stages of the lifecycle of this product from meeting with potential clients to gather requirements through to design, development, testing/debugging and post sale support. Due to the nature of this application I have written components in C++, C# and Java.

The T-Plan integrator is currently in use by a number of high profile clients on mission critical projects, including AWE, Honeywell and Boeing with whom I have worked closely.

Finally I worked on developing a .Net SOA interface for the T-Plan Test Management application to improve the ease of integration with external applications and data sources using skills that I acquired on the Integrator project.

Call Centre Advisor Broadsystem Contact Centres, Bristol, 2005

Taking calls from members of the public giving advice on a number government and commercial helplines.

Working in a contact centre has taught me the importance of consistent and accurate data capture, politeness and sensitivity to customers needs. I have also had to learn to quickly ascertain customer’s requirements so that I can deal with their queries as efficiently as possible which requires good communication skills.

Dealing concurrently with a number of campaigns means that I must have a great deal of information at hand and be able to quickly and frequently, switch between tasks.

Academic Qualifications

Msc Advanced Technologies in Electronics, 2003 – 2005, University of the West of England, Bristol

BSc Engineering, 1999 – 2003, University of the West of England, Bristol

A Levels, 1995 – 1997, Penwith Sixth Form College, Penzance, Cornwall

Physics D

Maths D

Chemistry E

GCSEs 1990 – 1995, All A*-C grades Truro School, Truro, Cornwall

Career Goals

At present my major goal is to gain further experience within the software industry, I primarily see myself in a technical role and would like to be involved within all development stages from requirements capture through design, implementation, testing and maintenance.

I have an interest in the ideals of software quality and would like to be part of an organisation that sees the processes involved in software quality throughout the software lifecycle as playing a central role in the development of high quality software.

As the state of the art in technology is constantly changing I believe that the skills required within industry need to adapt to reflect this and therefore would be looking for a role that offers constant development and progression.

Eventually I would like to move up to project management and take a greater role in the overall decision making process although I would still like to remain in a position where I have hands on contact with the technical aspect of development. I believe that I have the communication skills and understanding of business requirements to bridge the gap between non-technical and technical parties.

Other areas that I may like to move into in later stages of my career would be consultancy or university lecturing. I am also interested in the role that technology plays in economics and society and would possibly like to be involved in strategic planning around this dynamic.

Interests and Achievements

My main interests outside work are; hiking/camping and have participated in and completed the 45 and 55 mile Ten Tors expeditions with the Penwith College team. A group of friends and myself have recently walked to the summits of the highest mountains in England and Wales and Scotland. I also enjoy trail running and general fitness.

I am a music enthusiast and keen guitar player, and am passionate about watching live musical performances. I currently play in a band with a group of friends and play gigs locally.

I was awarded the Unlocking Cornish Potential IT award 2007 for work on improving the T-Plan product range.

I’m an avid fan of technology and enjoy tinkering with things, currently I’m finding developing on my smartphone using the Android Development Kit a rich source to play with.


Dr Andy Jupe

Director Altcom Ltd

+44 (0)1736 368254

Ryzsard Szarkowski

Chief Technical Officer T-Plan Ltd


Stephen Marshall

CEO T-Plan Ltd


Dr Tony Pipe

Course Leader: Msc Advanced Technologies in Electronics.

UWE, Bristol

+44 117 3282818


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